Stop Losing Sleep because of Unsolved Business Problems

What problem in your business is robbing your peace of mind?

Allow me to help.

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Small Business Owners are Doubling Their Cash Flow with My MVB Growth ProcessTM

Cash is the gas for your business' engine.  But it seems like you're always running on fumes .

Let's fill up that tank and keep it full with an expertly designed process to optimize cash flow.

Transform Your Business from 'Barely Surviving' to Thriving

If each week it's the same struggle to pay your bills and make payroll, then it's time to break free from that miserable cycle and put your business on a firm financial foundation.

I can help you get the cash flowing in the right direction, so you can reward yourself, pay off those debts, and replace your anxieties with financial peace.

Push the Pedal to the Metal & Grow Like You've Dreamed

Whether it's ineffective marketing, operational inefficiencies, a glut of inventory, lopsided contracts or employee infighting, these problems sap your momentum and stunt your growth.

Let's clear those obstacles to growth out of the way and propel your business to new heights.

Maximize the Value of Your Business to Pocket the Most Cash on Exit

Whether you are ready to retire or you're just ready to move on to the next chapter of your life...

Let's put my MVB Growth Process to work in your business now to supercharge your company's value, so you can comfortably and proudly exit your business on top.

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"30+ Years of Analyzing Data, Simplifying Problems,
and Creating Practical Solutions for Small Business Owners"

Let the MVB Growth ProcessTM Transform Your Business

THE formula for creating your
Most Valuable Business:

  • Maximize the cash hitting the bottom line

  • Minimize the dependence on the owners for day-to-day operations

Which will...

  • Unlock the profits hidden in your business,

  • Make it more fun to run the business right now, and

  • Position you for lucrative exit when you’re ready to step aside

This seemingly simple process has the power to both restore peace of mind and supercharge your results.

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Financial Management

It's way more than just posting in QuickBooks and filing your tax return

Choking on Cash Flow Problems?

You're gasping for financial air, uncertain how to keep your business afloat. I dive deep to uncover hidden cash leaks and put you back in control. 

Let's end the restless nights worrying about meeting payroll or funding critical projects.

Driving Blind in the Financial Fog?

Your business's financial reports are like the dashboard of a car, but they're meaningless if you can't read them.

I translate these complex documents into a clear roadmap, so you can confidently make data-driven decisions and seize opportunities for growth.

Squeezed by Costs You Can't Eliminate?

You believe every penny spent is vital, yet your dwindling cash reserves disagree.

I bring a fresh eye to your accounts, finding the non-essential expenditures hiding in plain sight and sourcing cost-effective alternatives.

Captive Capital in Inventory?

Your cash is chained to shelves and shelves of unsold, overstocked and slow moving goods.

Let me help you break those chains and liberate your money for more productive purposes.

Money Disappearing?

You're dealing with a mysterious cash drain and your financial reports aren't offering any clues.

Suspecting foul play but unsure how to prove it? I can decode those cryptic reports to find the hidden signs of embezzlement and theft.

Training for You & Your Team

It's common for staff from bookkeepers to managers to lack thorough knowledge of small business financial reports.

With my unique ability to simplify these complex topics, I'll empower your team with the skills to make more informed decisions, driving your business towards increased growth and profitability.

Growth and Expansion

Let's Work Together to Adapt to Change & Grow Your Business

Stalled by Lack of Business Growth?

You're stuck in a rut, watching opportunities pass you by.

My MVB Growth Process pulls you out of stagnation and kickstarts your journey to new heights, so that you can seize opportunities, diversify your income streams, and drive sustainable profitability.

Is Buying a Business Your Best Move?

Evaluating a business for purchase is a minefield.

I'll guide you through safely, avoiding potential pitfalls and securing the best deal, so that you can expand confidently, increase your market presence, and accelerate your growth trajectory.

Frustrated by Feeble Marketing?

Your returns on your marketing investment are lackluster.

I can help amplify your efforts, identifying the key messages that truly resonate with your customers, so you can attract more qualified leads, boost customer engagement, and ultimately drive business growth.

Risk Management

Make the Move from Spontaneous Decision Making to Analytical Strategies for Sustained Growth

Mitigate Risk, Maximize Reward

You've made daring decisions that got your business off the ground, operating on guts and instinct.

But what got you this far won't get you to your destination.

Let's work together to transition from high-stakes gambles to calculated wins. We'll analyze data, assess risks and rewards, and formulate strategies to secure your business' prosperous future.


Bogged Down by Lopsided Contracts?

Are you currently trapped in contracts that always seem to favor the other party? Or maybe you're contemplating entering an agreement that's making you nervous?

I will be your advocate, looking out for your best interest to help you regain control by spotting the pitfalls, negotiating a fairer deal, and safeguarding the longevity of your business.*


Should You Rent, Buy or Invest?

You're contemplating buying property (either for growth or investment).

But what's a good deal? What's going to give you the best ROI with the least risk? What numbers should you focus on?

I can help break down the complexity, assessing potential risks and returns on investment for each property to help you make the smartest choice.

"In 10 minutes, Chad shifted my focus to see the most important numbers I should be considering for this commercial property I am considering. I now know exactly how to make sure I don't overpay." - Bob M.

Streamline Your Operations

Stop the Waste & Push More Cash to the Bottom Line

Struggling with Operational Chaos?

You're battling against inefficiencies - tasks taking longer than they should, resources under-utilized, team members tripping over each other.

I'll help bring order to the chaos, enhancing productivity and efficiency so you can deliver better, faster results at greater profits and with less stress.

Haunted by the Hidden Costs of Miscommunication?

Customer attrition, soaring employee turnover, and misguided decision-making are crippling your business. Yet, they all root back to one issue - a breakdown in communication.

I will mend these fractures, resulting in improved customer relationships, enhanced staff loyalty, and better-informed decisions.

Drowning in the Mundane & Missing the Big Picture?

So many details demand your attention every day, the really important things get pushed to the backburner.

With the MVB Growth Process, I'll extricate you from the grind, so you can focus on the bigger picture.  I'll shoulder your financial, analytical and risk concerns, so your free to strategize for the future.


Let's Clear the Path to the Next Stage in Your Life

Feeling Trapped in Your Business?

There's a way out you may not have explored: selling your business.

With my MVB Process, we'll weigh the pros and cons, guide you through the process, and if selling is your choice, get your business ready for a profitable sale. 

If you’re tired of the business-owner grind, your business may be worth more than you think, so instead of shutting down and throwing away all you hard work, let’s explore your options.

Delaying Succession Decisions?

What's going to happen to your business when you retire or die?  It's a difficult topic and often ends up on the back burner.

Let me guide you through a smooth, strategic succession process, so you can confidently secure your business's legacy.

Maybe you have children or trusted employees in the business ready to take over or maybe you're ready to sell.  Let's find the best path forward ensure your years of hard work are not wasted.